“Of the 57% of women who do suffer with menopause symptoms, 22% report that they affect their lives in a major way and that they couldn’t cope without medication.”

– Zimbio, Menopause Statistics

Up to 60% of women will develop vaginal dryness at some point during the menopause transition

49% of women will develop vaginal dryness during the menopause transition.
35% of women reported they do not feel sexually attractive anymore.
31% of women lost confidence in themselves as a sexual partner.

NeuViva LASER and Radio Frequency technologies for vaginal health, the best option for advanced feminine treatments


Not all conditions are the same. Some require LASER others require RF, and some a combination of both. The NeuViva program offers the unique benefit of treating all vaginal issues with the best modality for restoring vaginal health – all in one program. Physicians can now truly address all aspects of feminine health while restoring their patients confidence and well-being with a simple, comfortable and effective treatment.

Science Based Results

“With 25 years of experience in this field I’ve been astounded at what we’re capable of. Women love the outcomes and I think this going to revolutionize the way we treat patients for years to come.”
Sherry Thomas, Urogynecologist & Surgeon, MD, MPH, FACOG, Beverly Hills, CA

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Learn how to add more value to your practice and patients with LASER and RF micro-grid feminine health treatments.

Hosted by: Sherry Thomas, MD, Urogynecologist
James Kraushaar, Practice Development

Workshop Description

Join our seminar and learn about the NeuViva Program which will provide an in-depth review of all key aspects needed to add and integrate feminine health treatments to your practice – from patient marketing programs, to staff and clinical training including the latest technologies and financing.
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